Titanic is about to sink again

According to 20th Century Fox, "Avatar" should beat "Titanic" no after than Wednesday to become the best accomplished grossing movie at the box office including the US.Even though Avatar took only 7 weeks to equal Titanic's 30 week record, critics argue that the higher 3D and I-MAX prices are the main contributors to the epic money haul and that is the reason for Avatars success even with one third of Titanic's attendance.Whatever the case may be., no one can deny the great visual treat offered in the film and has become a trend setter for the upcoming films.
Titanic was the top grossing film for 15 consecutive weeks, earning no more than $35.5 million in any given weekend. By its seventh week, "Titanic" had grossed only $314.3 million domestically in US.

With "Avatar" surpassing "Titanic" in such a short amount of time, observers are left to wonder how high the 3D behemoth can go.A number of films like "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" have come forward to release in 3D format and the latest film to join the wagon is "Clash Of The Titans".

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