Madonna's most written-about celebrity

The so called queen of pop Madonna, has yet again crowned with the new title. This time for being the most talked about celebrity of the last decade.

According to research by Kantar Media, Madonna name has been mentioned in the British Media 46017 times since 2000.

The second place was taken by Simon Cowell but he was 15K less than Madonna. The X-factor Mogul Cowell came second with 29888 mentions over this decade right from 2000.

"These figures show why Madonna is hailed as a legend," said Kantar Media researcher Brian Merron.

Robbie Williams came third, while Kate Moss and Britney Spears followed in fourth and fifth positions respectively.

King of Pop, Late Michal Jackson came at eighth position after his suspicious death in the year 2009.

The other celebrities in the list includes Kylie Minogue, Sir Paul McCartney, Victoria and David Beckham.

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