Ghajini a BlockBuster Hit

Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini is all set to become India’s first film to touch the 100 crore mark. The film is all set to break Singh is Kinng’s opening record of 44 crores by collections estimated to 65 crores. Ghajini broke advanced booking records already and now trade pundits believe Ghajini will comfortable touch the 100 crore milestone till the release of superstar Akshay Kumar’s Chandni Chowk To China on 16th January. Ghajini has taken an unheard unparalleled response all over India. The trade has words like earth shattering and mind boggling to describe openings but with Ghajini there are no words to describe the opening. The film has smashed every first day record at every centre where it has been released. We have had many 95-100% openings in the last few year but with opening of Ghajini thw margin reduces to 98-100%. After Shah Rukh Khan's successful run with Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, it is Aamir Khan who is bringing in all the earnings for Bollywood this year with Ghajini raking in Rs 40 crore in the first four days of its inauguration.

This means, Rab Ne and Ghajini together are likely to contribute over 20 percent to the overall box office collections of top 50 Hindi films released in 2008. Trade pundits estimate that 2008 will now generate Rs 900 crore to Rs 1,000 crore, or about 15 percent more than last year's collections.

Super success of RAB NE BANA DI JODI has ensured that people have started visiting theaters all over again after a gloomy and depressed mood across the nation till about a fortnight back. Madhu Mantena, producer of GHAJINI, doesn’t deny the fact that RNBDJ has got what it deserved.

Guys Body Language for Dating

60% or more of your success at dating women comes down to your non verbal communication. ie. Body Language. If your body language portrays a weak and insecure guy, you will be killing your chances with her. It doesn't matter what you say if you look like an average boring guy. Keep reading for some excellent tips to start using every single time you interact with a girl. If you get your confident non verbal communication skills mastered, you will be able to say just about anything.

Flirting with women will not succeed without excellent body language skills.

Remember women want a confident guy and to get confident you need to be good at showing off positive body language. Fake it until it is a natural skill you can do without thinking about it.


Women want to see confidence
Women want to see you standing tall in front of others
Women want you to know what you are doing

How does a confident man walk? You have seen the way they move smoothly, relaxed at all times, nothing startles them, they have a calm and they are in comple control. You do not want to be nervous, anxious or fidgety.

Keep your body relaxed. Stop thinking so much in your head, and pay attention to what is going on in the moment. Instead of being in your own head thinking about what you are going to say next, listen to what she is saying. You can answer her when she is finished. Stay in the moment. You should be in a little bubble of your own, just her and you. Focus.

Move slowly and always have a purpose. Don't tap your fingers on the table. Don't be squirming around in the chair and don't be rocking back and forth while talking. Your smile is a big key it gives off the impression that you are positive and in a good mood.

Plus you seem fun to be with and aren't worried about anything. It is all under control.

A confident guy will be able to be in control of things. Keeping your composure and being able to laugh is important. You should stand tall and make eye contact with everyone. Talk to everybody and be the center of the action most of the time. Just don't act like you are doing it for a purpose. It is natural for you to be the leader. Women want to date leaders!

Don't avoid conflict, you can handle it. No matter what happens. Act like a man, you are not a boy anymore. Bottom line stand up for yourself and your ladies.

It is important to be comfortable in your surroundings. You need to get out and practice just hanging out in social gatherings. Just go to have fun and get used to the whole scene. This allows your body to relax and your anxieties will be reduced to manageable levels. You will be able to appear like you know what you are doing.

Make sure to pay attention to peoples reactions to your body language. If you walk up to a woman and slouch or rock back and forth, she will notice. If you don't keep eye contact, she will notice. If your energy level is low, you will pull everyone else down. You should be adding to the energy not taking it from them. So come in happy and fun. Keep your shoulders back and chest up and out. Head held high, no looking at the floor. Move slowly and keep your posture open. Don't cross your arms or hold your drink in front of you. Try this next time you go out, act like you would act at home in your living room. How would you stand, hold your drink and react to whatever happens? You would be totally relaxed and comfortable.

Pay attention to your body language at all times, this is a required part of looking attractive to women. Plus it helps in all aspects of your life. Good things happen to confident men. It is your attitude that makes the difference.

You will have much better reactions from women, if and only if your body language speaks to them. It is powerful in your dating life. Read as much as you can on the subject, and practice it full time.

Animation Chat

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Excell saga is a combination of multiple story lines and incorporates a variety of different characters, scenarios and cameos. There is a wicked fusion of comedy that seems to change speed and direction with each different character and again spins off into its very own plot.
The basic plot line, (though that's not the point), is Excell continuous efforts to follow Lord Ilparazo-sama orders to capture the city and provenience named F. The various adventures appear as this zany and unpredictable character Excell and Hyatt- second member of across who has a tendency to 'stop living', get themselves in various predicaments, be it invasion of the cute, yet savagely deadly teddy bears, the pursuit of food or being captured by militant guerrilla groups that seem to live in the near by park/densely packed jungle foliage, with a rather large anaconda for company.

Kapaleeshwarar temple-A traditional tourist spot

Very famous Hindu Temple - The Kapaleeshwarar temple,
This is one of it kind which attracts a lot of worshippers as well as tourists to Chennai - both Hindus and Non Hindus and is Mylapore, - a residential area very close to the sea shore. The original 8th century Shiva temple was built by the Pallavas and located on the shore but it was destroyed by the Portuguese and was re-built 300 years later.

The area’s original name, Mayilapura, or the “Town of Peacocks” recalls a legend between Shiva’s wife Parvati who assumed the form of a peahen. In some places I read, Shiva turned Parvati into the peahen because she was admiring a peacock dancing instead of listening to him, while others seem to say that Parvati did it to worship Shiva. The story is depicted throughout the temple including the gopuram.

The presiding deity of this temple is a form of Shiva called Kapaleeshwarar. The form of Shiva's wife Parvati at this temple is called Karpagambal (from the Tamil for "goddess of the wish-yielding tree. A legend associated with this temple is that Shiva's wife Parvati was distracted by a peacock and did not hear him call out to her. Annoyed, Shiva turned her into a peahen and sent her to earth. The peahen arrived at this temple and performed tapas (penance), and was eventually accepted again by Shiva. A temple was then built around the location of the peahen's tapas, and the place was named "Mayilapur" (Tamil: mayil: peacock, peahen; pur: generic place ending, like "-ville"), which was later anglicized to Mylapore.

Easy Paasuram to Learn(Tamil)
சொற்றுணை வேதியன் ஜோதி வானவன்

பொற்றுணை திருந்தடி பொருந்த கைதொழ

கற்றுணை பூட்டியோர் கடலிற் பாய்ச்சினும்

நற்றுணையாவது நம சிவாயமே!


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Sun Pictures to take over Enthiran

Rajni's rising Endhiran bought by Sun Pictures.Sun Pictures, which presented Thenavettu and Kadhalil Vizhunden, will produce Enthiran, superstar Rajinikanth's blazing rising film directed by Shankar. The sci -fi movie, to be directed by Shankar and with a whopping Rs 100 crore + budget, was initially supposed to have been produced by London based Ayngaran International, in which Kishore Lulla-owned Eros international has a controlling stake. Sivaji, The Boss created waves as the most expensive movie at Rs 80 crore, Rajini-Rai starrer "Robot" became the next big thing in film circles.

With the support of the media giant Sun, which is looking forward to prove its prowess in cine world too, Endhiran has just got bigger and powerful! This will give director Shankar a great opportunity to make his film even grander. It would be interesting to observe the development of this film, which also stars beauty queen Aishwarya Rai, in the days to come, for you can never guess the surprises that Sun has in store for you!

Endhiran seems to be even bigger than Sivaji, Rajni's earlier release with Shankar and Rahman. It will be released simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi by the end of next year.

Christian Chat City

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Deepika padukone in Chandni Chowk to China

Deepika Padukone is looking all Chinki in her upcoming flick Chandni Chowk to which also starrs Akshay Kumar. According to rumors the leggy lass is playing a double role in the movie and she confirms the news and says it’s not a publicity gimmick.Chandni Chowk To China releases on 16th January 2009 and is be directed by Nikhil Advani, who earlier directed 'Salaam-e-Ishq: A Tribute To Love' and the SRK starrer Kal ho na ho'.

Apart from the babelicious Deepika, Chandni Chowk To China also stars Bollywood veteran Mithun Chakraborty and Hong Kong veteran Gordon Liu. Deepika is looking awesome and gorgeous. Take a look at it .

Chat City

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Vivekanand Quotes

Swami Vivekanand is a great legend who born in West Bengal in India. His clear views and clear thoughts make him as a saint even at his small age itself. I would like to say here a few quotes of Swami Vivekanand which I impressed . Just read it ? Sorry Just follow it

"You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself
"The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong"
"They alone live who live for others"
"The more we come out and do good to others, the more our hearts will be purified, and God will be in them."
The greatest religion is to be true to your own nature. Have faith in yourselves"

There are many more quotes and stories by Vivekanand . You can see it all soon in my blog.

Online Chatting

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Wine - Amazing it is

Wine is one of the oldest drinks known to mankind. Although historians may not be entirely sure that this is how the fermentation of wine started, an overview of the history of wine is full of interesting tidbits.

Made of fermented grape juice, wine is an alcoholic beverage that is both made and drunk in many parts of the world. The history of wine starts over 5000 years ago. It was said to have been discovered when grapes were left for too long in amphorae or earthenware jugs. These grapes somehow became tainted with wild yeast, which caused the grapes to ferment. Some courageous individual took a drink and realized the fermentation process had produced something that would be come known as wine.

There are several different basic types of wine. The most basic breakdown is red wine and white wine. When the grapes that make these varieties of wine are combined, a rose or blush wine can be created. If the wine is allowed to ferment in a way that produces carbon dioxide bubbles, it becomes a sparkling wine. If the sparkling wine comes from a particular region in France called Champagne, it is known as Champagne. There are also fortified wines – these wines are also fermented from grapes, but additional amounts of alcohol from other sources are added to the wine to raise its alcohol content. An example of a fortified wine is brandy.

Making wine is not an easy process – the fermentation of a really good wine may take years or even decades to complete. The type of oak barrel that wine is typically fermented in is also the result of a difficult process. Out of the 400 species of oak that grow on Earth, only 20 species are used in oak barrels for winemaking. Of those 20 species, only 5 percent of the wood taken from these trees is deemed good enough to be made into wine barrels.

The amount of grapes needed to produce quality wine is another of the many mind boggling wine tidbits known. Generally, it takes four clusters or 300 grapes to produce just one bottle of wine. Since there are only about 40 clusters of grapes produced on a grapevine per year, this means that each vine is only capable of making 10 bottles of wine. Given this fact, it is pretty amazing that wine is as cheap as we find it.

As you can see, wine is a not a simple fermentation process. The next time you drink a glass of your favorite chardonnay, think about the difficult journey that it made from grape to bottle.

XML Challenge

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Miss World 2008

Miss World 2008, the 58th Miss World Final will be held at Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa on December 13, 2008. Ksenia was crowned the new Miss World at the finals in Johannesburg,South Africa. She is the second Russian contestant to win Miss World, the first was Julia Kourotchkina in 1992.

Parvathy Omanakuttan, Miss India 2008, is the First Runner Up of Miss World 2008. She was crowned at the same Miss World Grand Finale at Johannesburg, South Africa on 13 December 2008. She was also the second runner up of Miss World Top Model contest held on 3 December 2008.

Miss Trinidad and Tobago was named the second runner-up. The others in contention in the final five were Miss South Africa and Miss Angola.
India had high hopes on 21-year-old Parvathy to win the crown that last came to the country in 2000.
India boasts of Miss Worlds like Reita Faria (1966), Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (1994), Diana Hayden (1997), Yukta Mookhey (1999) and Priyanka Chopra (2000).

Belated wishes to Superstar Rajnikanth

December 12 every year is the date on which millions of fans of Superstar Rajinikant from around the world celebrate with great pomp and unbounded joy his birthday. My Belated Birthday wishes to Rajnikanth, the Superstar of style, the king of Kodambakkam, the Baa(d)sha of the box office. But most importantly, the trendsetter who has been imitated but has never been(and will never be) matched.

Rajinikanth is the undisputed king of the Tamil cinema for more than two decades. He has done around 153 movies in his career of 33 years and still entertains his fans and audience with the same passion and devotion. Rajinikanth's mass popularity and appeal is largely drawn from his mannerisms and stylized delivery of dialogue. He received India's third highest honour, the Padma Bhushan, for his contribution to Indian cinema.

The actor today will be spending his birthday in Hyderabad filming his daughter Soundarya’s animation flick Sultan. The superstar is also working with Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai in Shankar’s magnum opus Enthiren.

Belated wishes Thalava!!!!!!!!! The one and only Superstar!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blog advertising

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SRK in Malaysia

Ace Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan on Saturday become the first actor to be conferred a Malaysian title, ‘Datuk,’ which is often equated with the British knighthood.

Resplendent in a black baju Melayu, samping and songkok, King Khan received the title of ‘Datuk’ from Mohamad Khalil Yaacob, the Governor of Malaysia’s southern Malacca State, during a special ceremony in Malaysia.

Baju Melayu is just like ‘kurta-pajama’, while ‘samping’ is a piece of cloth men folded around the wearer’s waist, falling to the length of the long shirt. Stay kool khan.

Finding singles

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Smiling Sky


A check on the Internet revealed that the stellar phenomenon was caused by Venus, Jupiter and a three-day-old crescent moon aligning at the right spots to form the Smiley.If you missed it last night, I mean on 1st of Dec 2008, you will have to wait another five years before Smiley appears in the night sky again. Ah, even I missed it. Let us wait for another five years to see the smiling sky. Here the photos of it. Jus Keep Smiling like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carmen Electra with Akshay ?

Hollywood hottie Carmen Electra to shoot with Akshay in India next year . One of the western world’s most luscious babes is about to come to India to mingle with our King Kumar. Producer Sajid Nadiadwala is pulling out all the stops to ensure maximum Hollywood presence in his action flick Kambakkth Ishq . After roping in the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Brandon Routh and Denise Richards for cameos in the film, the enterprising producer is learnt to be in talks with America’s pin-up girl Carmen Electra for a song in the film.

It will be a promotional track, featuring Akshay and Carmen Electra, who is expected to come down to Mumbai in February next year to start shooting for the song. Well, Carmen is going to be the second international pin-up girl to come to India early next year, after Barbara Mori, who will come down to Mumbai for Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Kites’. Here’s hoping that the sizzling beauties get the men drooling over them with their oomph!

Confirming the news Nadiadwala says, “I am in talks with Carmen Electra for the song. A few legalities are yet to be finished before Carmen’s official presence in the film.” Hope for the best :)

It’s not only Akshay Kumar who will indulging in some matkas-jhatkas with Hollywood babe Carmen Electra, as the lead actress of the flick Kareena Kapoor will also be joining them.

Central Station in Chennai

Chennai Central Railway Station in Chennai is the home to the Southern Railways and the most important rail hub in South India. Trains from here connect the city to other states of India, while trains to other parts of Tamil Nadu (excluding Trichy and Madurai) are catered to by the Chennai Egmore station. Chennai Central is the main hub for the Chennai suburban railway. The building of the railway station, one of the landmarks of Chennai, was designed by the architect Henry Irwin.
This landmark have become the one of the gateway to South India. The crowd in this station is increasing daily by thousands in numbers. The station is busy for almost 24 hrs a day , funny only 24 hrs constitute a day... :) Chennai Central is the main railway station in Chennai city apart from Chennai Egmore. It is on the side of EVR Periyar Salai otherwise called as Poonamalle high road(PH Road) and near to Parrys.

And offcourse being a popular spot and most crowded area, this station may come under terrorist view.

The building to the west of the railway station is the Ripon building, which houses the Chennai Corporation. To the east of the station lies the Southern Railway HQ. This have become one of the landmark to chennai and serves lakhs of people every day .

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