SRK in Malaysia

Ace Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan on Saturday become the first actor to be conferred a Malaysian title, ‘Datuk,’ which is often equated with the British knighthood.

Resplendent in a black baju Melayu, samping and songkok, King Khan received the title of ‘Datuk’ from Mohamad Khalil Yaacob, the Governor of Malaysia’s southern Malacca State, during a special ceremony in Malaysia.

Baju Melayu is just like ‘kurta-pajama’, while ‘samping’ is a piece of cloth men folded around the wearer’s waist, falling to the length of the long shirt. Stay kool khan.

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  1. ! ky says:

    hey dude this award was given to him long back na....
    bcos i heard long back thats y...
    ny ways nice blog... keep them comin will add u in mine check mine also n say ur views abt the blog.


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