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Enjoy visiting where a load of Anime people from all of the planet come together in our chats and enjoy themseleves for free! Broadcast your webcam and let hundreds of people talk and see you while you view their video cam!You will find a lot of different Anime chat rooms on this site including Anime women chat lines and Anime video chat rooms. This Free Anime Chat room site is best for chat users who love Anime women on webcams that you can see for free in the Anime video chat line. Excell saga is a rather peculiar anime title which is most definitely a parody, nay there is no word to describe the flexibility of this series, its powerful, griping, funny, explosive, and even comes with its own emergency food supply, Menchi.
Excell saga is a combination of multiple story lines and incorporates a variety of different characters, scenarios and cameos. There is a wicked fusion of comedy that seems to change speed and direction with each different character and again spins off into its very own plot.
The basic plot line, (though that's not the point), is Excell continuous efforts to follow Lord Ilparazo-sama orders to capture the city and provenience named F. The various adventures appear as this zany and unpredictable character Excell and Hyatt- second member of across who has a tendency to 'stop living', get themselves in various predicaments, be it invasion of the cute, yet savagely deadly teddy bears, the pursuit of food or being captured by militant guerrilla groups that seem to live in the near by park/densely packed jungle foliage, with a rather large anaconda for company.

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