Guys Body Language for Dating

60% or more of your success at dating women comes down to your non verbal communication. ie. Body Language. If your body language portrays a weak and insecure guy, you will be killing your chances with her. It doesn't matter what you say if you look like an average boring guy. Keep reading for some excellent tips to start using every single time you interact with a girl. If you get your confident non verbal communication skills mastered, you will be able to say just about anything.

Flirting with women will not succeed without excellent body language skills.

Remember women want a confident guy and to get confident you need to be good at showing off positive body language. Fake it until it is a natural skill you can do without thinking about it.


Women want to see confidence
Women want to see you standing tall in front of others
Women want you to know what you are doing

How does a confident man walk? You have seen the way they move smoothly, relaxed at all times, nothing startles them, they have a calm and they are in comple control. You do not want to be nervous, anxious or fidgety.

Keep your body relaxed. Stop thinking so much in your head, and pay attention to what is going on in the moment. Instead of being in your own head thinking about what you are going to say next, listen to what she is saying. You can answer her when she is finished. Stay in the moment. You should be in a little bubble of your own, just her and you. Focus.

Move slowly and always have a purpose. Don't tap your fingers on the table. Don't be squirming around in the chair and don't be rocking back and forth while talking. Your smile is a big key it gives off the impression that you are positive and in a good mood.

Plus you seem fun to be with and aren't worried about anything. It is all under control.

A confident guy will be able to be in control of things. Keeping your composure and being able to laugh is important. You should stand tall and make eye contact with everyone. Talk to everybody and be the center of the action most of the time. Just don't act like you are doing it for a purpose. It is natural for you to be the leader. Women want to date leaders!

Don't avoid conflict, you can handle it. No matter what happens. Act like a man, you are not a boy anymore. Bottom line stand up for yourself and your ladies.

It is important to be comfortable in your surroundings. You need to get out and practice just hanging out in social gatherings. Just go to have fun and get used to the whole scene. This allows your body to relax and your anxieties will be reduced to manageable levels. You will be able to appear like you know what you are doing.

Make sure to pay attention to peoples reactions to your body language. If you walk up to a woman and slouch or rock back and forth, she will notice. If you don't keep eye contact, she will notice. If your energy level is low, you will pull everyone else down. You should be adding to the energy not taking it from them. So come in happy and fun. Keep your shoulders back and chest up and out. Head held high, no looking at the floor. Move slowly and keep your posture open. Don't cross your arms or hold your drink in front of you. Try this next time you go out, act like you would act at home in your living room. How would you stand, hold your drink and react to whatever happens? You would be totally relaxed and comfortable.

Pay attention to your body language at all times, this is a required part of looking attractive to women. Plus it helps in all aspects of your life. Good things happen to confident men. It is your attitude that makes the difference.

You will have much better reactions from women, if and only if your body language speaks to them. It is powerful in your dating life. Read as much as you can on the subject, and practice it full time.

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