Madras to Chennai

Awesome Madras!!!!! Ya this is the right place to use the old name of our old new Metropolitan City namely Chennai.

Chennai places its role in each and every development of our country. Formerly called as Madras
which is also most suitable name of this city. Chennai is the fourth largest metropolitan city of India.

The former name, Madras, derived from Madraspattinam, a fishing village that lay to the north of Fort St George. Chennai named after the name Chennapatnam. At Last In August 1996 the city name is renamed as CHENNAI .

But still the name Madras places a vital role in the city . Yes, the word Madras has left has an indellible mark in this great city that most of us still love to call it Madras. The most famous and old University called as University of Madras . Madras University is the mother of almost all the Old Universities of Southern India. Madras Christian college , IIT Madras,
Madras Medical college, Madras Institute of technology(former President and Scientist of India is an alumini of MIT), Madras Flying Club, Madras boat Club , etc are some which still uses the name MADRAS.

"Madras or Chennai"
Better then the best.

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