Photo of the day !!!!!!!!

This photo of the day session brings you not only the celebrities but also the normal people who are crosser s by daily. The photos brings our attitude turn towards peculiar imagination.

The photos may even try to impersonate the person who is actually present in it. Its all depends on one's attitude. But the impersonation in one's mind may bring wrong or right imagination .

But the photo of this day will never brings wrong image as it directly brings you the musical image on him . His favorite saying is " Kaduval thunai iruppar " in tamil which means "God will save you" in English .
Music is the greatest art which he possess. Ya the same person who you thinks. Yup he is the
A R Rehman , the famous music director not only in india but also to this globe.
The power of eyes he possess tells him that he is an one among unique personality that our gr8 india has . This picture is even Kool too !!!!!!!!!!

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