WO(Men) In Black!!!!!!

Wo(Men) in Black????????????????

Guess who is this?
Can you?
Yes She is a daughter of the famous computer giant, a WINDOWs to the computer world,
Bill Gates, The CEO , MicroSoft .
She looks so awesome and beautiful and off course CUTE . The beauty and richness can seen from her face.

But if you think so it is true, then it is not so .

Bill Gates children is:

* Jennifer Katharine Gates, his daughter born in 1996
* Rory John Gates, his son born in 1999
* Phoebe Adele Gates, his daughter born in 2002

Many readers believed her to be the daughter of Bill Gates. But all these found to be a rumor later on.

Anyhow the girl is so cute and awesome.... Take a look and enjoy the feel of beauty . This photos are Kool .....

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