Awesome Temple It is!!!!!!!

Madurai is the oldest and second largest city of Tamilnadu.Vaigai river flows through the city.
The word madurai derived from the word madhurapuri. The greatest thing in Madurai is the presence of the Meenakshi Sundareswara temple .
The temple complex is one of the largest and also most ancient one. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvathi. Here the Lord Shiva called as Sundereaswarer which means Beautiful and Godess Parvathi as Meenakshi. The architectural designs made on this temple brings the temple as a front runner in the elction for modern seven wonders of world.This temple would stand as a architectural landmark and also as a benchmark for the architectural purpose. The temple is literally a splendid art gallery with each stone, each image breathing the tradition of this ancient - and vibrant culture. Fortified walls pierced with towering gopurams seen from a great distance surrounds the vast temple complex.
The Nataraja shrine at Madurai is referred to as Rajatha Sabha where Shiva is depicted dancing with a raised right foot.Some of the images would tell you about the temple in a visual manner . Have a look at the image and stay kool.

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  1. Palaboy says:

    sometimes i think why the Philippines doesnt have such structures... sigh...

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