(Celebration brings cheerful )Happy Pooja!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Pooja!!!!!

This day would be the fine day for all worksman. This day is the nineth day of the "Dussahara" festival . People worship their tools and other materials which they are using day to day life. Pooja was made even for Cars and Bikes and also other items which we consider as a worthy and useful.

In this day people worship books, instruments, vehicles,machines,etc. The very next day is called as "VIJAYA DASHMI ". This day is very auspicious day for Hindu religion to start anything new. In this day , we can find children to jon schools, music classes ,dance classes, and people start new things .

The importance of Ayudha Puja on this occasion may also be due to the fact that on the Vijayadasami day, Arjuna took back his weapons which he had hidden in a Vani tree in order to lead a life in disguise for the promised period of exile. It is believed that one who begins or renovates his learning to work on the Vijayadasami day will secure a grand success as Arjuna did in Kurukshetra war.

Anyhow Let it be anything!!! Celebrating festival would bring a happiness and releive from mental tension. Celebration brings more cheerful to life not only for us but also for others as celebration involves group. Stay kool by celebrating in a cheerful way.

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