Festival of Lights

Deepavalli is a festival of lights being celebrated by Hindus in different parts of India. There are different tradition being followed for this festival. Few parts of India celebrated this as Naragasurer sathurthi , this is the day Lord Vishnu defeated the demon Naragasuran. This reason majorly followed in southern parts of India for the celebration of Diwali. In north It is celebrated as a Lakshmi Pooja and it is a tribute to Godness lakshmi on the end of harvest season for keeping us prosperous and making the earth as a heaven place .

On Diwali we make sweets and burn crackers and enjoy this day with great pleasure. People distribute sweets between friends and relatives and share their happiness. For children , Diwali would be a happiest festival because they enjoy by burning crackers and wearing new dresses. This festival is also known as "FESTIVAL OF COLORS" , "FESTIVAL OF LIGHT","FESTIVAL OF HAPPINESS", etc.

Generally in India festival likje these are given more importance which would give the cultural integrity and hertiage. Though India differs in Language , culture , tradition , throughout the world, celebration brings Unity in Diversity. And this shows our Uniqueness then other countries in the world . On this occasion friends & relatives together celebrate Diwali to share happiness , this brings great peace and keeps us energetic throughout the year.

So friends Keep celebrating and enjoy the feel of celebration. HAPPY DIWALI!!! Stay kool

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