India's Traditional Festival!!!!!!!!!!!

Kolu, one of the famous word in Tamil Nadu during the periods of October and November. Bommai Koluis traditionally a women's festival that will be celebrated during Dussahara by Tamilians. During these periods , a series of steps is set up and bommai (dolls) were displayed . The dolls may depict the god , goddess, village scenes,some sort of old stories etc.

These kolu function will last for nine days. So it is called as "Navarathiri Kolu" because "Nava" means Nine and "Rathiri "means Night . The navarathiri dolls are arranged in different steps. Mostly the dolls are arranged in Nine steps and it depends on Space constraint as well.

Arranging Navarathiri itself an event involving inviting neighbours,relatives,friends and so on. These brings the friendliness among one others. These Navarathri also bring festive mind to the people and makes them cheerful and colorful.

Celebrating Festivals in a enthustiatic manner is among Indians nature which differs a lot from others. India , being sasecular country , it is still an Unique one from other countries in these celebrating manner. Be cheerful and stay kool.Have a wonderful Navarathiri Festival.

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