place become Landmark!!!!!!

Do u come across this arch? Chennai people would have come across at least once. Yes this arch called as "Anna Arch" . The arch named as Anna arch as it was opened by that time chief minister of TamilNadu Mr.Annadurai. This arch serves as a entrance for the Anna Nagar , the area which have showed enormous development in recent times.

This arch signal have become one of the primary signals in chennai. The hectic traffic is one of the part that this arch entrance faces every day . The number of vehicles crossing this arch is increasing day to day. Anna Nagar have become predominant residential places among chennaities . Not only for the residential purposes, but also for the commericial purposes. All important showrooms have placed their position at Anna Nagar.

Though this arch is not that much familiar , this brings the beauty for our Singara chennai .
Anna Arch become one of the landmarks for the people who are entering newly to chennai. Anyhow I am one among the people who is crossing this arch atleast once in a day(but many times) .
Many interesting facts about Anna Nagar is on the way. So stay kool by exploring Chennai.

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