Sharukh Khan A Kool Khan!

After the French award and a wax statue at Madame tussauds , Shah Rukh Khanhas been conferred the title of Datuk by the Malaysian government. Datuk is the Malaysian equivalent of England's Knighthood. King Khan was honoured for promoting Malacca as a tourist destination in his movies recently.
The actor is among 78 people to get the award in conjunction with the governor’s 70th birthday, alongside the country’s navy chief, academics, artists and journalists. The films are "1 2 Ka 4" and "Don" in which he promote Malacca as a tourist spot.

But the award is continuing with the conterversy. Opposition leaders slammed the move and questioned the governor for choosing to honour the Indian actor, with the Datuk.
SRK quotes "I have a special bond with Malaysia and the people who live there. For years, I have been going there and always hoped to make films in the country and it’s various states because of the warmth of the people."

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