Drifting -Offcourse car drifting!!!

Don’t know what drifting is? You’re not the only one. Most people never even heard about it. Still though, bit-by-bit it’s becoming more and more mainstream every day now. Drifting is a driving technique and a motor sport where a car slides at an angle, with its side moving in the direction of the turn.It doesn’t matter how big of a petrolhead you are, we’ve all seen the car chases on TV where cars overspeed in corners and go sideways.

Most importantly it has to be RWD! (rear-wheel-drive) . It's not that 4WD, AWD or FWD vehicle cannot drift, it's just that drifting other drivetrain layouts is quite a different ballgame. It's best to stick to RWD, because you need to balance the rear with the throttle. Usually, drift cars are light to moderate weight rear-wheel-drive coupes and sedans . Some of the cars are Nissan Silvia200SX, Toyota AE86,Mazda RX-7, Nissan A31 Cefiro,Nissan C33 Laurel,Nissan Skyline(RWD versions),Nissan 350Z,Toyota Altezza,Toyota Chaser,Toyota Mark II,Toyota MZ20 Soarer,Honda S2000,Toyota Supra (MKIV),Mazda Miata.

There was a film titled "The fast and the furious -Tokyo Drift". This film is about the underground world of Drift racing. This movie too good and attractive and looks very sporty. The film is all about the person who falls under the Underground world of Drifting and how he overcomes the situation . Thought the film was released last twi years, when I said about the drifting cars, this film comes into my mind. Stay kool and be sportive!!!!

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  1. Hi ...nice to meet someone who loves to talk about drifting. Have u tried it yourself? Do visit me at my blog. c ya

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