Heroines in Saree

Today most of the girls in India have forget the so called culture dress Saree. Saree , off course , a traditional cloth which is being used by Indian women . But now a days , its hard to see the gals in saree as this tradition slowly goes out of fashion as like our modern gals have it in their mind. But this traditional saree will never go out of fashion . Here some of our bollywood actress wore a saree in a little different way . Though they try to keep up with our tradition , they even brought the glamour and fashion in wearing it. Some of the actress are here . They are looking very beauty and awesome and brings a new meaning on how to wear a saree.... :)

There are different styles in wearing a saree which differs state wide. The styles may classify as southern style,northern style, eastern style, western style , etc.

In a hauntingly evocative still from the movie Devdas, Aishwarya Rai poses in a heavy blue Benarasi sari, with heavy jewelry reminiscent of times past.

The blue Benarasi silk sari is heavily embroidered and embellished with beads and stones. The sari is worn Bengali style, along with a long sleeve blouse that is embroidered along the neckline, and has heavy embroidery on the sleeves.

The jewelry is historically authentic, with five necklaces, two sets of anklets and many, many bangles and bracelets. Aishwarya is even wearing a triple ring on each on her middle fingers, and the typical ornate “chabi gucchho” - key ring on her pallu. This would be the one among style prevailed in Indain subcontinent.

Anyhow the Tamilnadu style will be something different which makes to feel homely and attractive . The TamilNadu style of wearing saree would give a special appearance and respect to the women. Here to the right is the way of wearing a saree in southern India.

But now a days these traditional saree also become as a modern wear among some gals and sometime , a glamour wear which shows the Westernization changes a lot in India.

8 Response to "Heroines in Saree"

  1. Nancy says:

    These are all beautiful Indian women. I really do admire your women's beauty. They're just exceptional!

    Rani says:

    I love saree but find it hard to swirl around me since I'm short. I love the fabric.

    Anju says:

    Nice collections of Saree pictures. I love Saree because its very comfortable to wear. Saree is also traditional dress of Indian women

    Anonymous says:

    Anyhow the Tamilnadu style will be something different which makes them to feel homely and attractive????? How could you say attractive then homely- your idea seem contradict each other.

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