Seriousness is sickness-Yes It is

Sometimes I do feel why we are serious? Seriousness will not bring anything to our life. This seriousness is not a part of human , but humans sometimes make it as a part which brings trouble . Once I browse through the Osho quotes, I got this interesting quote and it seems to be means a lot .

"Seriousness is a sickness; your sense of
humor makes you more human, more
humble. The sense of humor -- according
to me -- is one of the most essential
parts of religiousness."

This quotes would definitely brings some in built meaning which tells human about the seriousness of being seriousness. Not being seriousness alone will not bring any happiness to human but being possess sense of humor attitude will make us enthusiastic. Sense of humor is one of the greatest quality which one would possess as his/her quality . Sense of humor acts as a natural heeling to many sorrows. It may be a best remedy to find out the solution rather to be serious. So cultivate the attitude of sense of humor which definitely brings some and sometimes drastic changes in the life what we live.

Be humoristic . Stay kool .

2 Response to "Seriousness is sickness-Yes It is"

  1. sexyjessie says:

    Yeah Ara, you are so right. We got to learn to add everyday humour to our life.

    we all need humor to get by with our lives.=)

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