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If you’re looking for stylish, high-quality baby carriers, slings, and wraps, this site baby slings have all the products you need, available for immediate delivery. Lots of hip baby slings at baby! New to the line up is this sweet moby wrap .Both functional and fashionable.There are many benefits to carrying baby in a sling. Being hands free with baby lets baby explore the world through your movements. They tend to cry less being so close to mom. Slings are also great for nursing babies.Easy to use A practiced user can slip on a baby sling and set a child inside in seconds. You can slide a coat or jacket on over a baby sling. The tail of the wrap now features a sewn-in pocket for carrying a diaper or lightweight items.No rings, no straps, no hassles! The Moby Wrap is a luxuriously long (6 yards) piece of soft stretchy fabric that creates a wide variety of supportive, secure ways to carry your baby. By using your entire back and shoulders, rather than just a few straps, the Moby Wrap fabric reduces the pressure on your body and allows you to wear your baby nursing, side sitting, reclining or upright. For newborns through toddlers.Moby slings are effortless to choose from, one size fits all.The important features are Long, luxuriously soft, stretchy fabric. Supportive baby wearing in a variety of positions. Uses the entire back and shoulders to reduces pressure on the body. Can be used with newborns through toddlers. his baby sling is designed so that its “tail” (the portion of fabric that threads through the rings and then hangs) is long enough to be used as a drape to help assure discreet nursing.

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