Leapfish- A new search engine

Image001The year 2009 opens with some cool advances in search engine technology. The company is called LeapFish, and they claim to now have the faster search engine on the net. So move over Google and Yahoo because there is a new kid in town. What LeapFish.com offers is instantaneous results while you are typing.Nowadays, Internet has been used for research and communication. The Internet offers a range of services to users, such as e-mail, the World Wide Web, news, telnet, and others. It’s also used for video information, image information and shopping information. It is the only vast field of exploring which provide us the source of research tools. The most important thing about Internet’s revolution was its impact on communication.In this leadfish , Your search results are there before you finish typing. While sites like Google and Yahoo offer the just the auto-fill function, LeapFish has that and the instantaneous result feature. You do not have to bother with waiting for another site to load.You can read the LeapFish Blog to know how LeapFish.com works. You can also watch the video above my post and visit the site to experience the fastest search on the planet. The web results feed off of Google, so you have all the same results that the Google search engine offers but in just half the time. In addition to Google results, they also have results from Yahoo and MSN. It is the neatest thing out there on the net right now. Once you try their site, you will never go back to Google or Yahoo again.They’ve created the first multi-dimensional information aggregator and search portal in the world.

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