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A piece of furniture will last lifetimes if it is well built, thus one should see pride ,quality, custom-craftsmanship and attention in detail. The furniture not only for the richness , but conserve resources for our future generations as well. In turn the furniture should fits everyone’s home and lifestyle.Furniture in fashion has been a part of the human experience since the development of non-nomadic cultures.

The demand for the furniture made up of woods is growing due to the increased standard of living of people and outlook. On occassions like wedding, it has become customary to gift wooden furniture like double bed, sofa, dressing table, dining table to the daughter.

LOMBOK is renowned for stylish Eastern inspired furniture including wooden beds,four poster beds, chests of drawers,dining tables, dining chairs, bookcases, coffee tables, and home accessories including laundry baskets, cushions, lamps, lamp shades, throws and quilts, log baskets, candles and more.

The laundry baskets are hand made from the natural materials . Since it is made from natural items, it serves good for the environment. Cleaning such laundry baskets available here are also easy . The lamp shades provided in the site so called Lombok are gorgeous and fashionable which would definitely seems to be modern. The log baskets are so stylish and practical touch to our living room . Lombok shows ecological interest as they made their furniture from the natural materials which are incredibly versatile, suiting both contemporary and traditional homes.

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