Precautions when System Crash.

Enable/Verify System restore option is enabled in your system

  1. Right click my computer icon and select properties
  2. Go to System Restore tab.
  3. Ensure the Turn off System restore is not selected
  4. Move the slide bar to the extreme left to allot minimum space for system restore option. This allows the system to keep fresh and minimum number of restore points.
Keep your registry in safe place
  1. Click the start button and select Run.
  2. Type ‘regedit’ in the window
  3. It opens the registry editor
  4. Go to file menu and select import
  5. Give a name for the registry backup file and select the safe location for the file
  6. Ensure “All” is selected under the Export range
  7. Do this activity whenever there’s a software change such as new software installation, uninstalled any software, etc.

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