Rahman wins Oscar(s)

Rahman has made India proud by winning 2 awards for the best Original Movie Score and best Song for 'Jai Ho' . Slumdog won its fourth Oscar in the Film Editing Category.Indian Rusel Pookutty won the third Oscar for 'Slumdog Millionaire' in the best Sound Mixing Category.
Smile Pinki, a documentary on a young Indian girl also won an Oscar in the best Short Documentary category.
Oscar winners normally generate a lot of publicity. This time over, you can be sure a nation of One Billion people will be in a frenzy. It has been quite an eventful journey from Chennai to Hollywood for the music maestro who caused a billion Indian hearts to swell with pride when his score for Slumdog Millionaire was recognised twice over.
The 43-year-old music wizard, born as A S Dileep Kumar in a musically affluent family in Chennai, changed his name to Allah Rakha Rahman after his family converted to Islam in the late 1980’s.
His genius for music came to the fore when his ad jingles became very popular. He became a force to reckon with in the music industry ever since he debuted in Mani Ratnam’s Roja. Rangeela, Rahman’s first Bollywood assignment made the whole of India sit up and take notice of his talent. The double bonanza at Oscars has enthralled industrymen and his fans back home.
Winslet, who played a German trolley-car conductor who turns out to be a former Nazi guard in "The Reader," won the Oscar on her sixth nomination, avoiding going 0-for-6 and becoming the most-nominated Oscar loser.

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