Rajni greets Naan Kaduval

Superstar Rajnikanth greeted actress Pooja for her miraculous and exciting performance in her latest flick Naan kaduval. “No one will be able to make a film like Naan Kadavul. Its uniqueness shall withstand the test of the time,” commented Rajinikanth after watching a special show of Naan Kadavul. Rajinikanth said that having frequently visited the Himalayas and interacted with several Aghoris, he was able to understand Naan Kadavul’s concept and screenplay very well. He also expressed his astonishment to Arya for depicting an Aghori to perfection and appreciated Bala for the concept and screenplay.Appreciating Bala’s ingenuity and screenplay, Rajni said the method of communicating the Rig Veda concept through the story of an Aghori sadhu who rescues a group of differently-abled from the mafia is superb.A visibly thrilled Rajinikanth said to Bala, ‘only you can make such a movie Bala. I am impressed and stunned with the presentation of the film.’ The letter of the rajnikanth is below

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