Sign of Love

Relationship ,the word describes a lot more ,not in words, but in feelings. This relationship between the two is very important when it turns to be love . This love relationship is often difficult to know whether it is taken serious by your partner. Here some of the tips to know about the true relationship .
These tips given below were taken from the net while browsing. I modified a bit and given here . As valentine day is nearing , this tips would be more interesting and useful.

1. Your partner calls you without any reason
Your relationship is serious if your partner calls you without any rhyme or reason just to know what you are doing. If your partner calls you just to hear your voice and makes weird excuses for calling then they really love you and are extremely serious in the relationship with you.

2. Your partner's friends know all about you
A person tells about his relationship to their friends only if they are dam serious about someone. This is a very important sign of knowing whether your lover is taking the relationship seriously or not. If your partner tends to talk about you the whole time they are with their friends, then they really like you. They talk about your hobbies, about your features your likings and disliking.

3. They listen to every word you say
Your partner is very serious about you if they listen to every word you say with great attention. If your beloved really loves you then they will not dominate the conversation or interrupt you, they will just look at your face and will respond to you in a positive way. They will listen to you rather than indulging in talking.

4. Your partner will take interest in your hobbies and work
You can easily find out whether your partner is serious in the relationship or not. If they start taking interest in all your hobbies and work then they surely are interested in you. They will also help you in your professional work if you are facing any problems in it.

5. They will be nice and polite to your friends
Your relationship is really serious if your partner is interested in knowing about the people you hang out with or the people who are your friends. Your partner will be polite and nice to your friends. They will invite your friends and will make them comfortable. This is one of the most important sign that your partner is serious about you.

These are some very simple tips through which you can easily find out whether your lover seriously loves you or not.

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