CBS Laura Diaz - A real celebrity

If you love to watch news more often on channel CBS, then you will see and know more about CBS Laura Diaz, one of the leading Hispanic TV journalists in the nation.Laura Diaz was born in Santa Paula. Her parents were farm workers trying to build a life for their children. At the young age of four, Laura and her family moved to the Santa Clarita Valley. When they arrived her family spoke little English.She holds an Emmy for 2006 Individual Achievement in Feature Reporting. CBS Anchor Laura Diaz also bags the back to back Golden Mike Awards in 2005 and 2006 for the best feature reporting. An in depth television interview last June 2005 with then incoming Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gave her the National Imagen Award the following year.For a person to achieve such goals and receive such an amazing awards, it takes someone to be motivated, determined and someone that works really hard to achieve the success that she is at right now.CBS Anchorwoman Laura Diaz is one of the advisory board of trustees of The Joyful Child Foundation.The foundation was started by children's advocate Erin Runnion.The foundation works to organize neighborhood watches around the country and keep child predators off the streets. With her story and her success gives hope to people that there is always a room for everybody to become who they wanted to be no matter what typr of race you are in.Let us all support the advocacy of Anchor Laura Diaz Now. She is a true beautiful woman that possesses a much more beautiful heart.Not only that, she was given a big break on 2002 as she moved to CBS news. 'Til then her continued success were overflowing. She is truly a great example of achieving something in your life which always possible if you work hard on it just like what Laura Diaz did.

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