IPL tot ake place outside India

The following Indian authorities inability to provide security has made BCCI to shift IPL outside India. In view of security as a reason stated by the Indian government , BCCI team announced their decision over shifting to another country.Though the new venue was not stated by the BCCI officials , the decision has been made at the emergency meeting held on Sunday. Many cricket boards have expressed their concern in hosting IPL matches , IPL officials said .

BCCI said that they are forced to take this decision as Indian government failed to give an assurance for security to the IPL matches. Also they have stated that Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra government were also behind the decision of changing the place. Earlier these governments assured for security but later they have taken their assurance back . Security for the IPL matches is very important as it involves many International players.

The seriousness of the security issue raised only after the Mumbai 26/11 attack made by the terrorists which caused the rage waves in International side.Indian Elections seem to have won the battle against Cricket and BCCI has decided to hold IPL matches either in South Africa or England. The event will primarily be a TV event and the direct connect of Indians with the IPL cricket stands snapped, or is it still live and kicking.

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