Power of Meditation

Meditation literally means, "thinking process with present moment awareness". Meditation is the process or technique which takes you from a disturbed level of consciousness to an undisturbed level of consciousness.
Meditation is a technique for acquainting our mind with high caliber. This is a science or in other words a means of transforming the mind. In recent research conducted by well known therapists from all around the world; it has been found that meditation can contribute to an individual's psychological and physiological well-being. These days meditation is considered an art that helps us in getting a psychic power zone. It actually helps in developing a state where mind and physical body are bypassed temporarily and the inner self comes into focus.
Research has shown that Meditation can contribute to an individual's psychological and physiological well-being. This is accomplished as Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an alpha state, which is a level of consciousness that promotes the healing state.The benefits of an ongoing meditation practice as it impacts our health can be classified further into three categories: physiological, psychological, and spiritual. Most people who practice meditation do so to reduce stress, anxiety, anger and other negative emotions. Increasingly, physicians prescribe meditation as part of the treatment for a large and growing number of medical conditions.Meditation allows us to enter the space between two thoughts which filled with silence. This is called Aham Brahmasmi. It allows us to discover who we really are, what is our purpose in coming to this universe and how can we achieve divinity, eternity, happiness and bliss.
There are lot to discussed for this meditation and you can see more on meditation in my forthcoming posts.

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