Women explores more in dating arena

Young Indian women are asserting themselves everywhere,even in the dating arena.

A recent survey made by Axe research lab confirmed the news of 92 per cent of Indian girls who stays in metro cities are ready to exchange their mobile numbers to a guy if he makes a positive impression in the first meeting. Girl feels more comfort to give their numbers once the boy's approach is positively nature. They are ready to spend their time more in phone conversation as it provides a way for girls to understand and to learn about the men's nature very easily rather than having to commit too much time. This may work in the guy's favour as well as they don't want to with same old traditional flowers and candy route to impress women.

People in metros lead lives which are too fast pace and they are very much interested in socialising. Women are not afraid of providing their numbers as people stays in cities are more educated and liberal in nature.Women are ready to start their first movie in a relationship but in turn women expects more participation from men side. Girls may give out my their numbers but they had expect the guy to make the effort to call them and make plans.
Women believes that texting also(SMS) matures relationship as texting provide more security and do it at anytime.
Flirting over the phone helps to provide privacy and safety very much.

Men prefer SMS rather than direct conversation , probably they can SMS (with freedom) even three girls at a time which is not possible in phone conversation , but Women prefers phone conversation as women are better communicators.

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