Cookie the Best Diet Food

Diet-friendly additive for people who want to curb down their weight may lead a smart life. Cookie Diet plan claims that anyone can lose twelve to fifteen pounds per month by eating cookies. The cookies are made from sixty percent organic ingredients and triple filtered water. Cookie diet recipe provide by this company recognizes that food should be free of chemicals such as pesticides and preservatives, and produces its food with triple-filtered water and pesticide-free ingredients.The thing behind these cookies is that you have to eat an entire box off cookies in one day. That makes about 6 cookies that come in chocolate chip , blueberry and oatmeal raisin. Then a sensible meal at night which basically means no junk. Each cookie is 100 calories.They are preservative-free, made with 60 percent organic ingredients and – Dr. Sass claims – are a perfect balance of fiber, protein, and complex carbs that suppress hunger. According to the label, each 80-calorie cookie has omega-3 fatty acids, 30 calories, 2 grams of fat and 1 gram of fiber. He recommends you eat 6 cookies a day (breakfast, lunch, and snacks) and top off the day with a healthy dinner.They also make a concerted effort to protect the precious earth from further injury. To that end, the company uses boxes made from sustainable forests for packaging and minimal plastic inside to minimize landfill waste.The cookies are good if you need an easy, on-the-go snack. But as a miracle weight-loss effort, the dream of a diet cookie is too good to be true.

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