The auto air conditioning compressor is an important part of the car. Cold AC is definitely a must for every car while driving because of the heat outside it will definitely be a tough task for people to reach their destination in the way in which they left the house,without an AC. I shall share a story which is a funny one to listen but definitely it was a nightmare for me while i was inside the car. Once I was travelling alone in my car without an AC because my AC compressor had some problem. It was half past twelve in the night and suddenly heard sounds which were not pleasing for the ears I was really scared and dint know wat to do, Adding to it I started sweating badly. The sweating made me more tensed up while driving was relieved only when i reached home. If my AC would have been there I would have not sweated out it was a nightmare for me but thinking about it,but after reaching home I started laughing.

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