Vegas Fantasy Football Superdraft 2009

Las Vegas Fantasy Football Superdraft - sounds exciting doesn't it. The only thing that could be more exciting is for you to be a part of it.It is being held in Las Vegas! I have to admit I’m a newcomer to Fantasy Football, but the love for the game is still there.I thought of taking my friends for this Football fantasy.Not only it is very affordable but it’s an absolutely fun way to spend Fantasy Football Draft Weekend. The whole thing is hosted by all of LV’s premier hotels.You really like this kind of event because in such event you get to know other football fanatics and you thought that is really good for us. We meet new people who’s interest is the same with us. That’s really cool and pleasure thing it is!There will also be performances by FLO RIDE and George Clinton & The Parliament Funkadelic.Things like celebrity VIP parties, Tailgate Concerts, customized draft rooms, "Overtime" pool festivities and much more!! will definitely boost our energy level up. Superdraft is the perfect place for you and your league to spend the Fantasy Football draft weekend. It’s going to be held between August 27th and August 30th, and if I end up going I want to stay at the Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. So if you are ready to rock on at Las Vegas Fantasy Football Superdraft now, move to the website and choose your package, your hotel and prepare yourself for a trip of a lifetime!Las Vegas Fantasy Football Superdraft 2009 is the ultimate, affordable Fantasy Football Draft Weekend. Superdraft is the only place for you and your league (or even part of your league) to draft your team in true Vegas style!


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