Vinayaka Chaturthi

Ganesha Chaturthi , one of the auspicious day for the Hindus and it is celebrated by them all across the world.It is also known as Vinayak Chaturthi and it is celebrated in the month of Bhadra (mid August-mid September).

It is celebrated as birthday of Lord Ganesha.

Since Ganesha leads, when Gods are invoked, installed and adored, this festival leads the long line of festivals for other forms of God: Navarathri, Deepavali, Sankranthi, Sivarathri etc.

This day depicts an ultimate reflection of the universal and endless or everlasting truth which is embodied in Ganesha. We should worship Ganesha with Purity and faith,
praying for the elegance which can prevent drift and promote growth or development in all efforts to achieve the highest goal.

Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi to all Hindus .

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