Powerful Speaker for iPod

The new iPhone gadget is my favorite thing which always keeps me enjoying listening to the songs. I take it always with me and love to listen to the rich sounds. This phone is a very special one because of its cool look and the touch screen sensitivity. Any one would get admired with this look, and aprt from music you can play games, browse the web and for voice calls. Iphone experience can be improved by adding speakers to it. Yamaha PDX-60 is a speaker dock with Yamaha yAired (tm) wireless technology. It gives instant connection with no sound delays. It also has a very good bass and a quality sound.

Apart from this, the docking station can charge two iphones or ipods at a same time. Using the dock on the speaker and the other opne with the charging cradle. The excellent feature of this Yamaha PDX-60 is the sleek look and the well sychronizsed sound transmission.
So this small device would turn your iPOD or Iphone as a Home theater and also flkexibity to place the speaker any where you wanted. You can carry your iPod or iPhone and talf from any where with the transmitter unit attached to it. The less power consumation is also another good feature. The Yamaha PDX-60 is available in four color variations.
So what you are waiting for, go and give a rich experience for your iPhone or iPod.


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