Organic gardening

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Over the years, We have spoiled the soil by use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The residual content in the food products has reached the alarming proportion. The eco balance is slowly being destroyed. We can go for organic farming to protect the environment and have healthy living. Abundant organic materials are available to enrich the soil.

Even the waste in the house can be converted in to organic manure. Organic mango plantations are coming up fast. Instead of chemical pesticides, the farmers use neem, a plant based material for killing the pest. Organic farming is also enhanced by vermi compost. Vermi compost is a fertilizer by which earthworms are grown in millions which will enrich the soil by loosening the soil and also by the excreta of the worms. is a site dedicated for organic gardening. The site promotes the use of organic material for killing the pest in the garden. This site also gives information about copper-octanoate-based fungicide, pyrethrins-based organic insecticide and other insecticides which are beneficial to the environment.

Flori-culture is an important of gardening. Rose is the very sensitive plant. This site offers Safer® Brand Rose & Flower Care Kit which will feed the rose and control common rose pests like aphids, mealybugs & whiteflies. Use of chemicals sprays degrade the quality of the plant over the years. Use of in-organic material destroy the soil which is embedded with natural fertility. Use of Chemicals in garden destroys the micro organisms which are beneficial to the mankind.

For a better and healthy future, ensure use of organic materials for gardening as given in the site. Got a Facebook account? Jump to Safer brand's facebook page and become a fan to stay on top of the organic gardening scene.

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