Happy Birthday Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan, an American Actress born on July 2nd of 1986. She is famous model and pop singer and songwriter. Lohan started her career as child fashion model and then debut in the motion picture Sidney's 1998 remake of Parent trip at the age of 11.

She went to peak in her career from 2003-2005. The lead roles in Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded made her as a successful artist in the Hollywood industry. Also She had two very successful Pop Albums.

Lindsay lohan
This American artist though doing her best in the films, got addicted to alcohol and drugs and later visits even rehabilitation centre to recover from it.

On 2nd July 2010, She is celebrating her 24th birthday and let us wish her a happy birthday and hope that the coming year would be good for her.

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