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Carolina Software is the industry leader in solid waste management software.It is important that we take proper action to minimize any health and environmental hazards that solid wastes could bring. With the world's growing population, proper waste disposal, effective cleaning and recycling, and managing landfills becomes few of the most important routines to maintain. Great waste management techniques and effective software is very important today.Locations across the United States and Canada have WasteWORKS software installed and supported by Carolina Software. Solid waste management is not a simple job, it needs a large workforce, machineries and equipment to do the job. These job can become easier with the help of WasteWORKS a solid Waste Management Software being installed by Carolina Software since 1988. Their easy to use software will provide you with cost effective solution for managing landfills, waste to energy or recycling facilities or quarries. Visit if you want to get in touch with them or to get more information, news, free demo and testimonies from companies who have been using this software.

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  1. Nathanael says:

    Another Waste Management Software package avaliable online is Wastedge.

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