Yoga for health

It is always good that you perform some excercise in every day to day life, but which excercise keeps your mind and body healthy. So the best thing is yoga, Yoga is a practice and also excercise which keeps you healthy and you will live longer. There are some simple breathing technique and simple set of excrcise that will keep you healthy. There are so many yogas and asanas but it is impossible to do all the asanas daily, instead you can choose a very few and then practice it daily.

Few asanas which are best to practice day by day.

1. Pranayams

Kapalbhathi (Breathe in,with each exhalation pull in stomach towards spine)
Agnisara (Breathe in,exhale completely,holding the breath out flap stomach in & out)
Bhramrari(with Shanmukhimudra make a humming sound) [optional]

2. Pendulum (left,right bending))
3. Body Rotations ( rotate clockwise,anticlockwise)
4. Cat Stretch
5. Warm-ups
Joint Movements (eyes,neck,shoulder,abdomen,knee,ankles).
Surya Namaskara
6. Asanas
Standing up
Konasana( raise one arm and bend to the other side.)
Katichatrasana (Arms Parellel to each other & turning to one side)
Veerabhadraasana (Warrior pose)
Trikonasana (Triangular pose)
Chair pose

Lying down on back
Pavanamukthasana( raise the right leg first,bend it from the knee ,hold the knee with both the palms and raise your head up. Repeat with the other leg).
Naukasana (Legs lifted 6 inches from ground. Hands , eyes and toes in one line).
Mathsyaasana(Fish pose)
Natrajasana ( feet close to the hips,turn the legs to one side,arms stretched sideways to other side.)
Bridge Pose ( feet close to the hips,raise the hips)
Lying down on stomach
Raising one leg
Raising both legs( fists in the groin region)
Superman pose
Dhanurasana (Bow pose)

Sitting up
Spinal Twist (Ardhamatsayndraasan)
Both legs stretched forward and reach for the toes
Butterfly pose, end with reaching head to toes
Janushiraasana (One leg stretched)

Shavasana (Relaxation)

7. Pranayama
Bhastrika / Nadishodana

Yoga is a way of life, an art of righteous living or an integrated system. It is through this basic treatise that the essential message of yoga spread.

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