Crazy Auction Site

Bidray Penny Auctions is taking America by storm! Their site differs from other auction sites due to the fact a user can raise the price on an item with each bid they place by a maximum of $0.01, thus making it a "Penny Auction" site. However, in order to prevent users from just placing thousands of bids and by doing so raising the price of their items to "normal" retail prices, there is a small fee for each bid placed. Thanks to this they are able to provide their users with some of the best bargains, great customer support, free shipping and a fantastic charity program! We offer 100% free shipping and donate a large portion of our revenue to a charity of the auction winner’s choice.The site launched a week ago and bargains are flying out of there left and right! Bidray Auctions will change how people see online auctions forever! They have many nice electronics and all you need to do is register and place your first 2 bids free. After you bid and the timer runs down, you can purchase the item at whatever your bid price was for. The first 1000 bidders get a $10 credit to their account and there are at least 175 places left to fill. Check out this website for some great deals and fun.

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