Asin to replace Katrina

The Ghajini gal Asin is going to replace Katrina Kaif in the YashRaj Film. Sharukh Khan plays the male lead in the film and southern beauty Asin now became the darling of King Khan. Initially Katrina was on the board to play the female lead against King khan but due to the controversy between Salman and King Khan , Shahrukh expressed his view to change the heroine.

Shahrukh does not want to connect with anything related to Salman Khan and so he has withheld Katrina's name. The opportunity goes to Asin after she playing the ladylove of Aamir Khan in the film Ghajini. sin has become the most demanding actress of Bollywood. Not only films but she has also in her kitty some fabulous product to endorse. Luck favored Asin to play with Bollywood Superstar . Congrats Asin.

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