A New Portal site for Laptop

Laptops are the next generation portable computers. Because of its compact size it has won many hearts across the world. There are various laptop brands available in the market and hence there will be some diversification in the laptop prices.Recently I came across a website http://www.consumermate.com , the site is a channel of 9.9 media, whom we know are one of the well known companies. Surfing through the website, it felt like i am just living through a perfect combination of Tech nature,the User Interface within the website is awesome and very soothing. The website is currently focusing on laptops of various kind, that includes all the major & minor companies with all of the revisions. You can select your search criteria, Select the laptop price range, the make , filter the results by screen size, weight etc. ConsumerMate.com, a site dedicated to help consumers compare prices of laptop computers of all the leading brands. This site gives in depth analysis of laptop computers provided by Digit Test Center.It is testing laptop’s features, portability, performance and the most important ergonomics. Based on these parameters, Digit Test Center gives a rating to all the laptops in India. One important aspect of this website is Find a laptop you need section. It has left slider and right slider which can be adjusted and based up on the adjustment one can see the Laptops which falls under the categories such as weight, cost and screen size.This website provides authentic and credible information to users who are in the look out for the best product available in the market.At present this website has expert buying advice on laptop computers.

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