My favourite Photo!!!!!!

Photos is the only thing which will bring both smile and tears . Everyone in the world will have their own favorite photos. Though all the photos are good, these favorite photos are something special .

The above photo is very much special to me . This photo which took at last day of our college while we were asked to gather for group photo session. The special thing in this photo is that all were keeping their faces smile. Though all would give smiling face for the photo , this one is very selective as we did one "Mischievous activity " with our HOD . Those guys I hope will remember the place.
Those days will never come again in our life but anyhow the remembrance has its potential to bring those in front of our virtual eyes. Stay Kool friends.

Who is Good ? and Who is Best? Find it out here

Good (or) Best !!! Both these words brings the same meaning but in different manner. But here te Australian Ace Batsman , Excellent in his keeping, So called Adam Gilchrist differentiates these words by quoting example with two Key players in India.

Yes the two Indian Batsman are
One is our little master Sachin Tendulkar who takes Indian cricket to world famous and the other one is our Present Skipper , So cool master, who brings the winning moments to Indian Cricket continuously , so called MS Dhoni.

Both these personalities placed their position as number one in ICC rankings.
Austrialian Keeper, Adam Gilchrist expressed his thoughts over these two batsman. From his view, the best is our little master and good is our cool master.Gilchrist said he has no doubt with Dhoni's ability but Tendulkar is simply the best.
But anyhow both our indians made the best in their fields. Be proud of Indians .... Stay Kool

Vivekananda ! A Gr8 Soul!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vivekananda ,the Hindu Monk of India ,who created a waves around the world. He is one of the greatest spiritual genius possessing commanding intellect and power.

His master was Sri Ramakrishna who was a prophet. He represent Hinduism at Parliament of religions , held at Chicago.
The most significant quote by him goes like this

"They Alone Live Who Live For Others"

Pals , If you find time please do know more about him . Stay Kool!!!!!!!!!

Some Nano Photos!!!!!!!

These are some of the photos took with nano effect. Jus take a look . It was amazing.
Stay Kool ahead...

Amazing NINE!!!!!!!!

Interesting Fact .........
Amazing Nine!!!!

A clock that has only 9's in it.

Having 9s does not make it special.... U can design a clock having only 9 with 9/9 (=1), (9+9)/9(=2), (9+9+9)/9(=3) and so on...

What makes it really amazing is the fact that... it has only 3 9s in each digit representation. ..

Sachin to SuperStar!!!

Stars getting replaces by other star is not that much surprise. But making out here is something different.
Yes the great little master , Cricket Icon, Sachin tendulkar is getting replaced by the great and ace actor , one and only Super Star of south , Rajnikanth .

Sachin , not only missing his matches now a days but also his first film debut named "Vignaharta Shri Siddhivinayak" directed by Yashwabt Ingavale. Sachin was all set to act in a scene for this film but atlast because of his knee injury , he cannot come out with his acting debut. So the film makers going out with the South Legend so called Rajnikanth in this film instead Sachin.

The film also includes the famous Bollywood pair Ajay Devgan and Kajol in the lead.
The film is almost complete and the scene involves this South legend is scheduled to be shoot after Sep 14 .
Super Star !!!! The one and only.... Kool

WO(Men) In Black!!!!!!

Wo(Men) in Black????????????????

Guess who is this?
Can you?
Yes She is a daughter of the famous computer giant, a WINDOWs to the computer world,
Bill Gates, The CEO , MicroSoft .
She looks so awesome and beautiful and off course CUTE . The beauty and richness can seen from her face.

But if you think so it is true, then it is not so .

Bill Gates children is:

* Jennifer Katharine Gates, his daughter born in 1996
* Rory John Gates, his son born in 1999
* Phoebe Adele Gates, his daughter born in 2002

Many readers believed her to be the daughter of Bill Gates. But all these found to be a rumor later on.

Anyhow the girl is so cute and awesome.... Take a look and enjoy the feel of beauty . This photos are Kool .....

Kuzhi Paniyaram!!!! Do you wanna make it?

Hi friends!!!!

Do you heard about the word kuzhi paniyaram. This word is more common in TamilNadu,southern state of India. This kuzhi paniyaram is noting but one of the famous food item which has its presense not only in TamilNadu but also in Tamil's mind.

This kuzhi paniyaram is one of the typical food item which tamilians are more kool in making out these hot stuff. The word kuzhi paniyaram comes from that these stuff is getting prepared in a kadai which has kuzhi(moulds) in it which brings even the typical shape to it.

Now for those who need this hot stuff , follow the Kool receipe steps in making of it.

Requirements: Fermented Idly batter(pulicha Idly Mavvu) .
Chopped Onion (as required)
Oil (as required)
Green Chilli(as required)

1. Mix up all the ingredients .
2. Before mixing up all the ingredients make chopped onion fry with some oil.
3. Pour some oil in the paniyaram mould. (in each impression)
4. Once the oil is hot, pour the batter in each impression .(3/4 batter in each impression)
5. Allow it to cook for few minutes. Flip it over to cook the other side.
6. Serve hot with coconut chutney.

Try it out and comments about it are welcome.
be Happy Kool...

Photo of the day !!!!!!!!

This photo of the day session brings you not only the celebrities but also the normal people who are crosser s by daily. The photos brings our attitude turn towards peculiar imagination.

The photos may even try to impersonate the person who is actually present in it. Its all depends on one's attitude. But the impersonation in one's mind may bring wrong or right imagination .

But the photo of this day will never brings wrong image as it directly brings you the musical image on him . His favorite saying is " Kaduval thunai iruppar " in tamil which means "God will save you" in English .
Music is the greatest art which he possess. Ya the same person who you thinks. Yup he is the
A R Rehman , the famous music director not only in india but also to this globe.
The power of eyes he possess tells him that he is an one among unique personality that our gr8 india has . This picture is even Kool too !!!!!!!!!!

My College group foto

Hi friends,
Photography is the right activity which brings the remembrance in each and every mind through photos . Photos places a vital role among us . Photos have the ability to bring the days back. When seeing the photos,its brings smiles(and sometimes shows tears ) in the face.

One cannot forget the group photo session and the day that was happened. All glitters are not gold but those day's photos are really glittering as gold in everyone's heart.

Though many misconception prevailed, one cannot get away from those unforgettable moments
which lasts in everyone's heart . I keep posting those memorable days as photos and try to bring those days in front to some extent.

So , let the first photo be the Group photo which shows utmost everybody in the picture.

Stay Kool ........

Google gchrome !!!! DONT MISS IT

Google Inc is set to introduce on Tuesday a new Web browser designed to more quickly handle video-rich or other complex Web programs, posing a challenge to browsers designed originally to handle text and graphics.

Google officials confirmed news of long-rumoured plans to offer its own Web browsing software, entitled Google Chrome, in a company blog post after it mistakenly mailed details of the plan to a Google-watching blog, called

The company statement calls the move “a fresh take on the browser” and said it will be introducing a public trial of the Web browser for Microsoft Corp Windows users on Tuesday. Details can be found at

The Internet search leader is also working on versions for Apple Macintosh users and for Linux devices, it said.

The launch of Chrome coincides with the recent introduction by arch-rival Microsoft of its Internet Explorer 8 last month. Internet Explorer holds roughly three-quarters of the browser market, followed by Mozilla's Firefox and Apple Inc's Safari browsers.

Google said its engineers have borrowed from a variety of other open-source projects, including Apple's WebKit and the Mozilla Firefox open-source browser. As a result, Google plans to make all of Chrome software code open to other developers to enhance and expand, the company said.

“We realised that the Web had evolved from mainly simple text pages to rich, interactive applications and that we needed to completely rethink the browser,” Google Vice President of Product Management Sindar Pichai and Engineering Director Linus Upson said in a jointly authored blog post.

They said Google Chrome promises to load pages faster and more securely, but it also includes a new engine for loading interactive JavaScript code, dubbed V8, that is designed to run the next generation of not-yet-invented Web applications.
Google search never meet an end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Google ! GO fOr it.

All that glitters are not GOLD . But Its GOLD

Waterman Exception Solid Gold Pen worth Rs 1,000,000 is displayed during the launch of Luxor Writing Instruments exclusive retail showroom in Hyderabad.
Anyhow writing should be in paper only . So stay Kool :)

Kamal Fever on Bollywood!!! (10 to 12)

Priyanka Chopra - Miss World of the year 2000 is going to act in twelve roles.

Yes ,the DON beauty is all set to act in twelve roles for the film titled What's your Rashee?
The movie which will be based on the astrology will see the Priyanka playing the twelve different characters depicting the twelve zodiac signs.

What's Your Rashee will be the first movie for Gowariker after his magnum opus Jodhaa Akbar.
Priyanka Move over the kamal Hassan's dasavatharam in ehich he cast ten different roles.
The movie will also star Priyanka’s Love Story 2050 co-star Harman Baweja. The film is based on a novel Kimball Ravenswood written by US-based Gujarati writer Madhu Rye.

Vinayaka Chathurthi - Festive Spirit among Indians

Colorful Idols Lining the Streets are Proof that High Prices have not dimmed the festive Spirit at the Start of the Season.

Vinayaka The god of Good Luck,too have affected with the inflation and esclating fuel prices.
Chennai People have to spend more money to bring their favourite Elephant god to their homes.
The labour shortage and overpriced raw materials faced by the manufacturers of this idols, which in turn have hiked the prices of Ganesha idols.

But anyhow the people of India will never give out the festivals at any cost. These over priced
Ganesha Idols are the best example for it ... Keep going Indians. Kool
Happy Vinayak Chathuthi.

Happy Ganesha Chathurthi!!!!

Lord Ganesha BE MTech (IIT Madras) KOOL:)

Hi friends,
Tomorrow is the vinayaka chathurthi (03/09/08) ... Happy ganesha chathurthi to all.
Lets pray the god of fashion!!!!!!!! :)

Hi friends!!!!!!!

Hi friends,
I got my driving license for four wheeler today after successfully drove the car ,tat too
it was raining that time. So from Tomorrow onwards,myself will start roaming in my car
on the roads of metropolitan city ,Chennai.

Also My Father got a new car Maruti Omni (8 seater large family :) )which is so good and fabulous.

Take a look at our CAR. Kool .

The Magic of water (By Celebrity photographer Dabboo Ratnani)

Kool pictures always makes us Kool .

The most awaited calendar of the year is out! Celebrity photographer Dabboo Ratnani talks about the making of his calendar, and shares his journey of shooting with the biggest names in Bollywood.

Want to know how he created magic with water? Hear it from the man himself.


This pictured can be titled "Kajol" because only she can do
something so crazy with so much ease. Her expression was
perfect when she hurled coffee into the water. We had to do
this shot about 25-30 times but finally it turned out to be
pretty nice. She had to kick her legs in water and chuck the
*Perfection needs - Try ,25 -30 times or more
coffee and give the perfect expression, all at the same time.
So it was quite a complex process. We had to take care that
the water or coffee does not fall on her face or on to the
camera. But finally Kajol pulled it off, and

we captured the
shot when the coffee actually circled her face. The coffee
droplets, which were in fast motion, were also captured
perfectly. It was a lot of fun working with Kajol.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik's picture was done at hotel J W Marriot. I was
shooting in Bangkok about 3 years ago and we had spoken about
this picture then. We had decided the theme at that time, and
we conceptualized him reading a book- sitting on a chair and
concentrating on the book even when the chair is tipping over
water. Finally we got a chance to implement it, as "water" was
my theme for the 2007 calendar. So we met a day before the
shoot to figure how it's going to be. We tried many shots with
the chair. Finally the d-day arrived. Hrithik had got along
seven spare outfits so that he can wear a dry one after each
shot till we get it right. We tried to do a shot without the
chair, and luckily we got through in the very first shot. So
we decided to go with it.

The most important thing in this image was Hrithik's
expression because he is reading the newspaper so intently
while he is tipping. From the minute he started falling to the
fraction of the second when he hit the water he still held
that expression, which is amazing. There is a lot of hard work
he had put in, he gave us one full day for the shooting but of
course we did not need it. But the sincerity that he has put
in comes through, especially for a non-commercial calendar *ONLY SINCERITY PAYS
that has been done just for the sake of art. Hrithik is one of
the best male models we have in the industry and gives the
best pictures, but his dedication is like that of a newcomer.
He doesn't ever want to compromise; he looks into detailing,
and makes you feel special with the time and enthusiasm he
gives. It was a delight to work with him.

Amitabh Bachchan

We shot Mr. Bachchan's photo with my dog Flash who is quite a
model himself. Mr. Bachchan grew quite fond of dogs ever since
Abhishek was gifted a pup for his birthday. Since then Mr.
Bachchan has grown quite easy with dogs and also holds an
emotional attachment towards them. Whenever he comes to my
studio he always plays with Flash and fools around with him.
So this time I felt Mr. Bachchan must shoot with Flash. I have
tried to get Flash in my calendar every year since the last
six years, so this time when a concept struck me I decided to
go ahead with it, especially because Mr. Bachchan loved it
too. We did this shot at J W Marriot again by the poolside. We *focused. approach is all about
kept the frame ready and Mr. Bachchan came ready with his
make-up and outfit from home. We completed the shot in ten
minutes flat and then he left from there. So he is very fast
to work with and totally focused. The picture is very
emotional as it shows a dog that can not bend his neck down to
have some water from the pool. Seeing the strong sunlight, Mr.

Bachchan has collected some water in his hand and given it to
the dog. So we have followed a very emotional mood in the

Bipasha basu
Bipasha's photo was not entirely shot underwater but it was
insinuated like an underwater picture. This was the picture
for which we needed the maximum amount of time because this
was the only picture for which we used visual effects. We had
to make the hair and the dress look like it is in water so we
consulted some underwater specialists. We also saw a lot of
underwater pictures to see how the clothes and the hair would
react and to gauge how much distortion happens in water. The
concept is that of an angel, or a mermaid, releasing a gold
fish into the sea. It is a bit of fantasy mixed with

creativity. We got bizarre ideas like showing a shark swim
near her, but then we stuck to simplicity. The picture looked
beautiful and did not end up looking scary or dangerous.
Bipasha generally portrays a hot and sexy image but here she
looks angelic. Although this picture is also serene and

*Creative wins in the longer run
sensual, Bipasha has never been seen doing an angelic picture
like this before. That is what I like about this picture.

I told John that my concept is "Water". I didn't want to do a
body-shot of John like it has been done by others time and
again. I wanted to portray John in a way that has never been
seen before. So I suggested we do a real tight close-up with a
tear drop in his eye. John was skeptical in the beginning but
I told him he was one face that would look beautiful even with
tears in his eyes. So he went with my instinct and got the

*Killer instinct is what we need
picture done. When I showed him the image he was totally

amazed with the lighting, the glow, the tear-drop. We had to
do this shot a few times because we had to put glycerin in his
eye without letting his eye go completely red. There were lots
of shots when the tear rolled down his cheek but I liked the
one when it just broke out from his eye. We got the shot
within fifteen minutes of shooting.

Aishwarya Rai

For Aishwarya, we decided to go in for a black and white,
post-rainfall picture in a vintage Austin car. I briefed her
on the concept and she pretty much liked it. You can see water
droplets on the window and the roof of the car. It looks as if
she rolled down the window and somebody called out to her. Of
course we shot it in colour but when I punched it into black
and white, it looked stunning and did more justice to the
vintage feel. Ash looked beautiful with the make-up and she

was wearing a white top anyway, so when I de-saturated the
skin tone, the black and white effect looked awesome. With Ash
it is always a pleasure to work. She is a true delight to work
with because she is
focused and gives stunning shots every
. It is very difficult to photograph her badly! *And All above Consistency

Madras to Chennai

Awesome Madras!!!!! Ya this is the right place to use the old name of our old new Metropolitan City namely Chennai.

Chennai places its role in each and every development of our country. Formerly called as Madras
which is also most suitable name of this city. Chennai is the fourth largest metropolitan city of India.

The former name, Madras, derived from Madraspattinam, a fishing village that lay to the north of Fort St George. Chennai named after the name Chennapatnam. At Last In August 1996 the city name is renamed as CHENNAI .

But still the name Madras places a vital role in the city . Yes, the word Madras has left has an indellible mark in this great city that most of us still love to call it Madras. The most famous and old University called as University of Madras . Madras University is the mother of almost all the Old Universities of Southern India. Madras Christian college , IIT Madras,
Madras Medical college, Madras Institute of technology(former President and Scientist of India is an alumini of MIT), Madras Flying Club, Madras boat Club , etc are some which still uses the name MADRAS.

"Madras or Chennai"
Better then the best.

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